How to Sell on Facebook and Youtube

The social media giants Facebook and Youtube are the most popular channels for building and maintaining an audience. Here you'll find marketing tips on how to use them and to expand your scope and reach.

For marketing tips on other important players like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter check here.

Facebook Marketing

Learning how to sell on Facebook is key. It is the biggest social media channel with more than 2 billion users worldwide. 

There are a number of Facebook techniques you should use to be a successful instructor:

  • Create a Facebook Page - this page will contain all the info the students need to know about you and your courses.
  • Make your page useful - post content that is valuable to your students. Tips, tricks, reviews, news, useful resources, tools, cheat sheets, etc.
  • Create promo campaigns - from time to time, give your followers discounts, promo codes or special offers for your courses. When you create any campaign, incentivize followers to sign up via email, since email is a very high-converting channel. That means that a high percentage of email offers lead to actual sales. 
  • News - keep your followers up to date. Let your Facebook followers know when you create something new or something amazing or exciting happens in your professional life!

As you can see, learning how to sell on Facebook is something every business owner should do to reach a wider audience. 

Youtube Marketing

Youtube is the most popular online video platform and it's the second largest search engine after Google. That means that millions of people search Youtube for "how-to" and "learn" videos, tutorials, guides and courses. Popular Youtube videos rank at the top of search results of most search engines.

Create a YouTube channel about the topics you will cover in your courses and build a base of followers:

  • Good cover thumbnail - a well-designed thumbnail is key. Visuals are a very important selling point of any content. 
  • Partnerships - partner with other instructors or youtubers. Make guest videos on their channels.
  • Publish regularly - create high quality and engaging content on a weekly basis.
  • Free lesson - post a free lesson to your Youtube channel. If people like the material, they will sign up for your courses on BitDegree. Don’t forget to put links in the video description.
  • Keywords - the main keywords are essential for search and discovery optimization. Add the keywords that best describe your course to the title of your video.
  • Discounts - put promo codes in your Youtube channel homepage, video descriptions, ‘about you’ section to drive the traffic from Youtube to your BitDegree courses.

Facebook and Youtube are the must-haves since almost all your potential students use these platforms. Knowing how to sell on Facebook and Youtube opens you up to millions of potential students. With the tips above you can create a strong presence on these platforms and reach new users on a global scale!

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