Marketing Tips For Your Course: a Checklist

You have created an amazing, useful, well-recorded and presented course. Now you need to promote yourself and your course to attract students. Here's an all-around checklist filled with self promotion and marketing tips! 

You (Your Course) Should

You are now an online instructor - a business owner. So you should have a strategy on how to market your business. Structure this strategy into 3 stages:

  • Pre-publish
  • Publish
  • Post-publish

Pre-publish promotion:

  1. Understand your target audience and tailor your messages to that audience
  2. Survey your audience before creating a course
  3. Create a catchy and informative headline, for example:
    1. How to Learn JavaScript in 9 Steps
    2. Social Media Marketing for Newbies
    3. The Extensive Guide To Monetizing Your Blog
  4. Have an SEO-based description
  5. Have a well-designed thumbnail
  6. Promote yourself with blog posts about the upcoming courses
  7. Use your blog and social media to create an email list you will use for various promotions
  8. Publish promo or test video to different media channels (FB, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.)

Marketing tips for publishing:

  1. Use the email list - send out promotional emails and announcements with:
    1. Catchy headlines
    2. Visuals
    3. Good copy
    4. Clarity of thought
    5. Links
  2. Make your course free for limited time to gain momentum
  3. Use Instructor's promo and discounts
  4. Bring users from Youtube:
    1. Link to BitDegree course
    2. Give a discount to your Youtube audience
    3. Upload your BitDegree course promo video to your channel
    4. Share some content on your Youtube channel
  5. Create an infographic and post it on Pinterest
  6. Create a slideshow and post it on SlideShare
  7. Collaborate with bloggers, influencers and other players in your field
  8. Friends and Family - use your personal network to promote your content
  9. Create a podcast or get interviewed on a podcast
  10. Do a live webinar
  11. Partner with other instructors, cross-promote each other's courses
  12. Promote your course during offline events like conferences or guest lectures
  13. Actively participate in online forums, discussions like Reddit, Facebook or Quora
  14. Send email in bulk. See template below:


I am [name], a [what is your expertise] and I have been working hard to bring my course [title, which is linked to the coupon] to you.

If you are [course’s target audience] and you want to learn about [what the students will learn], you should try it out. This is a special offer with a discount of [how big is the discount]. Here[link] you will find a free promo, to get the feel of the course.

So use this coupon[link] to enroll and share it with any friends or colleagues who might be interested.

And do not hesitate to share your thoughts in a review. I greatly appreciate any feedback as it motivates me to get even better.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email and have a great day!

Marketing tips for post-publish promotion:

  1. Add student testimonials to your course description
  2. Create or optimize your website for your BitDegree sales
  3. Create a Facebook Page about your courses and inform your Facebook friends and followers about it
  4. Post it on LinkedIn and reach a different audience
  5. Experiment with pricing. Find the sweet spot which maximizes your revenue
  6. Add a link to your course in your email signature
  7. If you have multiple courses, do a cross promotion
  8. Don't be afraid to ask students for reviews
  9. Advertise:
    1. Google Adwords
    2. Facebook Ads
    3. Youtube Ads
    4. Banner Ads
    5. Instagram shoutouts
    6. Sponsored Facebook posts or Tweets from Fiverr
  10. Leverage E-books:
    1. Reorganize your content into an e-book and promote it on Amazon
    2. If you have released an e-book, promote your course on the first pages of the book
  11. Translate your course into other languages
  12. Analyze traffic data and feedback from your students and improve your course

There Is Nothing Wrong With Self Promotion

These marketing tips will help you spread the word. But you need to have the right mindset for them to work. You need to know how to market yourself and have no hesitation to do it. The best marketing tips won't work if you simply do not use them.

A crucial part of being a great instructor is reaching out to the students. Make yourself known, promote yourself. Be aggressive and fearless. That's how to market your business! 

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