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Why Should You Start Creating Games With Unity?

Unity is a blessing for anyone interested in producing games. It is the most popular mobile and virtual reality game development software. For example, Unity was used to produce approximately 90% of Samsung Gear VR games. Unity is an excellent choice for running games on different platforms and devices. What does this mean? Once you are done producing the code in Unity, it will work on devices like video game consoles, iPhones, Androids, and computers.

This learning path will give you the chance to learn more about game mechanics and the Unity interface. Additionally, Unity features an asset store, offering tons of free and paid content for your games. For instance, you can find elements for building maps, sceneries, characters, and so much more! Since you will need to use C# in Unity, the recommended courses will cover this topic extensively as well!

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Your Learning Path


C# Introduction: Start Creating Games on Unity

Learn the principles of using C# in Unity and how to navigate through different sections of the user interface.

Yohann Taieb 25 lectures
Desarrollo de videojuegos: Curso Unity para principiantes

¿Quieres aprender desarrollo de videojuegos? Gracias a este curso Unity, aprenderás como crear tu propio juego y programar en Unity de la manera mas fácil.

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The Principles of Building 2D Games on Unity

Get hands-on experience and develop your first game on Unity: the glorious Legend of Zelda.

John Bura 164 lectures
¿Quieres aprender cómo programar videojuegos? Tutorial Unity 3D

Aprenda como crear un juego similar al "Legend of Zelda" y comienza a programar videojuegos de calidad profesional con este completo tutorial Unity.

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More on Developing 2D and 3D Games on Unity

Be creative and figure out the steps for developing games of different genres. Invite users to kill zombies or explore fantasy games.

Devslopes by Mark Price 108 lectures
Como crear videojuegos: Tutorial Unity 3D y 2D para principiantes

Adentrate en el mundo del diseño y desarrollo de videojuegos y comienza a aprender como crear videojuegos con este completo tutorial Unity 3D.

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Localize Your Games With 3D Maps

Enhance your game with customized 3D maps and offer real-word experiences to your users.

Devslopes by Mark Price 51 lectures
Diseño de videojuegos con Mapbox: ¡Crea juegos basados en ubicacion 3D!

Añade ubicaciones 3D en tiempo real a tu diseño de videojuegos con este tutorial Unity ¡Has que tus juegos cobren vida con Mapbox!

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Basics of Building Virtual Realities on Unity

Learn the necessary steps for creating virtual realities for various games: escape rooms, hide and seek, bowling, and more.

John Bura 128 lectures
Curso Unity VR: ¡Crea tu propio juego de realidad virtual!

Sumérgete en el asombroso mundo del diseño y desarrollo de videojuegos y aprenda como crear juegos de realidad virtual con este curso Unity VR.

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Learn How to Manage the Unity Database

Guarantee smooth data management and add authentication steps into your game!

Yohann Taieb 40 lectures
Tutoriales Unity: Curso PHP & MySQL, interacción de base de datos

Tutoriales Unity desde cero, aprende Unity MySQL y comienza a interactuar con la base de datos como un experto

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Creating a Server for Your Game

Figure out how to host your Unity game server: let your players interact and share their experiences!

Yohann Taieb 18 lectures
¡Descubra como crear un servidor! Servidores de juegos con Unity 5

Entérate como crear un servidor dedicado para tus juegos con la ayuda de este completo tutorial Unity 5

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Analyzing Your game With Game Analytics

Once the coding is over, you can integrate Google Analytics to find out more about the user community and their habits.

Yohann Taieb 19 lectures
Curso Unity: Mejora tus juegos aprendiendo Unity Analytics

Simple curso Unity que te enseñara todo lo que necesitas saber al momento de implementar Unity Analytics en tus juegos y/o aplicaciones.

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You will learn from these experts

Yohann Taieb

Yohann is among the leading instructors in mobile game programming. He helped over 50,000 students to publish and reach top spots with the apps they created.

John Bura

John is both, a PROgrammer, and a PRO teacher being in this field for 20 years and owning Mammoth Interactive. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of students and tons of successful projects here.

Mark Price

Mark is obsessed with creating in-depth, very detailed online tutorials on many topics related to development. He’s a CEO of Devslopes, and a valuable resource in your career path.

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