Funds released once the course is completed.

No intermediaries involved - funds go directly to students.

Monetary transactions and certificates are recorded on blockchain.

Guaranteed transparency


Deposit Funds
Paid after completed course


It’s only you (sponsor) and the student. No institution is involved. There are no questions regarding your funds allocation and visibility. Using blockchain technology your funds are locked in public and unlocked after student achieved a goal.

Change the life of these learners

JavaScript Tutorial: Learn JavaScript Just in 1 Hour

Mbalenhle has a goal to actively take part in advancing Africa and ultimately the world using technology.

Read Mbalenhle's story
Requested hace 1 semana
Course Duration - 1 month
Fund $10.00
Learn How to Make Money Blogging: The Secret Formula That Works

Audrey wishes to learn how to make money blogging so that she can grow her family income.

Read Audrey's story
Requested hace 1 semana
Course Duration - 1 month
Fund $10.00
The Must-See Sass Tutorial for Any Front-End Whiz
Ahmed from Yemen

Ahmed dreams of becoming a professional front-end developer and believes this course will improve his skills.

Read Ahmed's story
Requested hace 1 semana
Course Duration - 1 month
Fund $10.00
Manage Time Like a Pro: Powerful Time Management Tips & Strategies
Mohamad Ramadani from Indonesia

Mohamad Ramadani aims to learn a lot in the near future. Time management course would be really helpful to achieve his goal efficiently.

Read Mohamad Ramadani's story
Requested hace 1 semana
Course Duration - 1 month
Fund $10.00
Java 101: Find the Easiest Way to Learn Java & Start Coding in No Time
Ahsan from Pakistan

Ahsan aims to become a professional Android Developer and build great apps in the future. Scholarship for the Java course would help him achieve his goals

Read Ahsan's story
Requested hace 6 días
Course Duration - 1 month
Fund $10.00
Master Python Basics and Get a Better Understanding on How to Code
Antony from United States

After a decade in IT Tony wishes to seriously up-skill and move into devops position, which would ensure his relevance in the changing job market.

Read Antony's story
Requested hace 6 días
Course Duration - 1 month
Fund $60.00

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Java 101: Find the Easiest Way to Learn Java & Start Coding in No Time
hace 4 meses
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Eye-opening Look At Personal Branding: How to Become a Thought Leader
hace 4 meses
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Become a PHP Specialist: Up to Date Video PHP Tutorial
hace 3 meses
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Foundations changing students’ future already


Civitta provides management consulting and data analytics services to corporations, start-ups, SMEs, governments and NGOs, delivering great value for money price point.

Students funded 0

HOSTINGER's vision is to enable millions of people around the globe to unlock the power of internet and give them the empowerment to learn, create and grow.

Students funded 0

Online education is what we do. We took blockchain and used it to connect students with teachers and employers. We will help you start from zero by teaching skills that land you a job.

Students funded 79
Startup Societies Foundation

Startup Societies Foundation studies, promotes, and connects startup societies. We want to create a vibrant, global startup societies industry through international conferences, investment summits, digital content and academic studies.

Students funded 1

A simple and transparent process of funding

Students with obstacles in their lives ask for help

Students apply for scholarship by explaining their needs, goals and filling in personal information. All requests are rigorously screened and verified ones are made public.

Sponsor allocate funds that are locked in smart contract

Sponsors select students to fund and transfer the funds. Money is then converted to BDG token with 1:1 ratio and are kept in smart contract.

Students get skill, certificate and the scholarship.

Students get access to the course and start learning. If a student meets the deadline, the course certificate is issued and funds transferred to their wallet.

Fund management

Your Donation

$ 1,000


Scholarship budget

$ 1,000

Equivalent of BDG Tokens
Refund if a student doesn’t finish the course

You transfer a fund in USD, a regular FIAT currency. For the purpose of registering the transaction to blockchain, it is converted to a stable coin, a cryptocurrency pegged to fiat, with a ratio 1:1. This scholarship is fully refunded in fiat for the donor in case a learner fails to meet the deadline, or transferred to student upon successful completion.

Students willing to learn around the world

Certificate Example

Scholarships and certificates for graduates

Scholarships enable students to access education in the first place. That is great. But there is more... Successful completion of the course awards students with blockchain certificates that can be viewed and verified by anyone whether it is a sponsor, the next employer, or another academic institution looking for some proof of skills.

Issued By OpenCerts

Meet our first sponsored graduates

I saw the ad while scrolling FB feed. I was so interested that I created a request right away. It is cool that you can be paid for learning! This course and scholarship I gained can help me to achieve my programming skills furthermore and support my family with living expenses in the future!

Shuva Piramal Learn Java 101: Beginner-Friendly Approach to Java Programming

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Support students who are willing to actually gain a skills.

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Preguntas frecuentes

Despite BitDegree being a platform aggregating scholarship requests, when it comes to actual funding it’s only you, the sponsor, and the student. No institution is involved as all the transactions are recorded and managed on blockchain. Records can’t be hacked, so all funds allocation is kept transparent and verifiable.

Skill is a subjective concept, but traditionally it is the educator and educational institution that ensures that their curricular teaches the skill. Therefore, by issuing a certificate an educational institution ensures a learner has learnt the topic.

Yes. It is your choice. In the registration form you can choose whether your or your company’s name can be made public to students and anyone looking at the page.

The funds are released to students only when they complete the course. This means that the student unlocks a certificate upon completion of the course. This certificate is then written to blockchain, which in turn releases the funds.

No, this system is specifically award those who prove their learning outcome.

Funds are converted to BDG token to make sure that credible transaction is performed within a decentralized system with no third parties involved.

Students can create a request only by using Facebook login. After that, we’re carefully checking all requests one by one and only approve valid persons.

No. We are strictly following GDPR’s guidelines and can not give you the personal information of a student.