IT is the most direct option for career entry, giving me the best chance to pursue my dream career

Nshimyumukiza's story

Nshimyumukiza Eric is a IT Support and Technician who studied in Rwanda Polytechnic Iprc-Ngoma college of technology. His career goal is Computer Science so that he can make innovative projects that help people and make their life easier.
Eric was born in a small village of southern province in Rwanda. It was rare to have access to internet and ICT services and many of his neighbours didn’t know what computer and smart phones look like and how to use them. He lived with my grandmother as his parents died in genocide. Life was hard there, they had to spend five hours on a trip to market alone. One day, as Eric recalls, there were some visitors in their village. It was difficult to get food and drinks for them cause there were no restaurants around. It was early in the morning, and the only possible way to get food is to go and pick it up from restaurant ten kilometers away.
This experience wasn't the only reason Eric wanted to study computer science and online commerce, but it did play a big part. He started thinking of the career more seriously when he realised desk job just wasn’t for him. Throughout high school Eric struggled because of the routine nature of it all. He started work at ICT innovation project department, teaching people to use internet.
After graduating Eric is going to apply for work in IT sector in a state organisation, such as the Office of Innovation and Technology.
While Eric's ultimate goal is to work as an IT project manager or online commerce coordinator, those positions usually only go to people within the organisation he says. IT is the most direct option for career entry, giving him the best chance to pursue his dream career. Eric is applying for this scholarship to help him finish the last two years of his degree. He needs support to cover the remainder of his goals. Eric's dream is to work in online business and he has a clear plan to turn that passion into a lifelong career.

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